Xbox One revealed: Power and SoC details

During the HotChips conference this year Microsoft has shown details of the SoC and other major components at the hardware level which will come with its Xbox One, its next-generation console.
hotchips-Xbox one

This SoC is manufactured by TSMC on the 28nm process and features an 8-core CPU architecture-based x64 AMD Jaguar, running at a frequency of 1.6 GHz and accompanied by 4 MB of L2 cache, ie 512 KB per core.

With this in mind we have to add three more cores in the SoC, both dedicated exclusively to sound and other to Kinect, so that the new motion sensor will not penalize the performance of the Microsoft console.

hotchips-Xbox one-specs
Xbox One revealed: power and SoC details

Regarding its GPU we are talking about 768 stream processors divided into 12 modules and 48 texturing units. At this point we note the presence of the 32 MB of eSRAM, divided into four blocks of 8 MB and with a 1024-bit bus, allowing bandwidth up Xbox One of the 68 GB / s offering its 8 GB DDR3, placed in quad channel mode, up to 204 Gb/s.

Finally the GPU runs at 853 MHz and 11.1 + support DirectX, since its derived from the Bonaire core present in Radeon  HD 7790.

With what we have seen so far we can clearly understand that Microsoft has taken a different path from Sony. The Japanese company has opted more for raw power and Redmond for a custom SoC. Thus, for example, PS4 lacks coprocessors the same level found in Xbox One, dedicated to peripherals such as sound and Kinect. We’ll see how the above affects the final results of Xbox One