Write with one hand on your Android Smartphone thanks to a new Google Keyboard update

Google has updated its Google Keyboard application for its Android platform with new features. You can type with one hand thanks to new Google Keyboard Update.

Writing on your Android phone just got easier. [via]

Keyboard apps aren’t the most exciting things, but they’re one of the apps you interact with most on your phone. Think about how much you type, and how much that experience has improved over the years. Google hasn’t added anything important to the Google Keyboard lately, but apparently they’ve been saving it up. The new v5.0 update is rolling out, and it’s huge. There are UI tweaks, new gestures, layout changes, and so much more.

Here’s all the new stuff we’ve found so far.

  • Option to show key border, no more holo themes
  • One-handed mode
  • Long-press for hinted symbols can be toggled
  • Adjustable keyboard height in settings
  • New first-run experience
  • Opt-in and a setting for sharing snippets with Google to improve the keyboard for everyone
  • Long-press and drag to remove suggestions from suggestion bar
  • Gesture Typing:
    • Dynamic floating preview removed (preview in suggestion bar now)
    • Delete whole words by sliding left from delete key
    • Gesture cursor control by sliding left/right on space bar
  • Faster access to numpad and emoji

nexus2cee Screenshot 20160502 101012 217x386

You can download the update here.