Would you buy the BlackBerry Leap for $275 ?

This is the question BlackBerry wants to know, will their latest offering to the smartphone market sell ? Or will it be a bust. Inforworld is reporting that BlackBerry is going to be releasing the BlackBerry Leap for $275. The phone will be an all-touch LTE device with a more affordable price range. Presumably for emerging markets.

The specs on the phone say it will run BlackBerry 10 OS will be sold unlocked and can be bought starting April this year, 2015.

But what everyone seems to be talking about is the price, a smartphone under $300 is a rarerity these days, according to reports the phone will have a so so 1.5GHz dual core CPU made by Qualcomm and a 5 inch screen, that will display a 720 x 1280 HD resolution.


What do you want to say?