Windows 8

Windows 8.1 in Portrait mode, provides a better viewing experience in certain apps

Have you ever wanted to run Windows 8.1 in portrait mode but you’re not sure how Windows will look like ? Or perhaps your monitor doesn’t rotate to portrait mode ? Lucky for you we’ve done it!

I managed to dig out of the closet my good old HP monitor, the w2408h that although is old by our standards still has some really nice colors and amazing contrast, the monitor is a 24″ running at 1080P in portrait mode.

Here is the initial Window just before logging into Windows 8.1, notice the extra real stateĀ  ? You will also notice how much more room there is on your desk.



Below is the actual Windows 8.1 log on screen in portrait mode.


Here is the Windows 8.1 Start Screen in portrait mode, in tablet mode it looks a lot better in my opinion, notice how centered everything is ? Why didn’t Microsoft vertically align the icons ? It would better fill the screen, it appears that Microsoft is leaning towards landscape monitors at least for desktops.


However if we expand all our applications, look at how much more you can see, instead of having to scroll the screen. You can get a better look of all your apps in portrait mode.


Here is Microsoft News, when you first launch the application, you will notice how big the image is, however it does appear to be stretched as it is designed for landscape mode.


Microsoft News in portrait mode is easier to read, notice how it resembles an actual newspaper I believe this is how news is meant to be read.


Here is the Microsoft Store in portrait mode, again its much more readable making it easier to read its content.


Not everything looks better in portrait mode, take for example Xbox Games in Windows 8.1 notice how it is centered to fit landscape monitors, probably since every game is meant to run in landscape mode.


Finally we tested the Windows 8.1 Netflix App in portrait mode, and I must say it looks great this way! no more having to scroll sideways to find the show or movie I want to watch, only problem is playing the video in portrait mode you obviously loose lots of screen space.



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