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What we know so far about Microsoft’s DirectX12

While PC gamers have been battling Microsoft for support over the years due to the much maligned Graphis API, it seems Microsoft is now at least willing to provide us with what they intend to do with the up and coming DirectX12.

DX12 microsoft

  • DX12 promises to cut back on CPU bottlenecks so if you have a fast graphics card but a not so good CPU, it will mean better performance.
  • Microsoft so far has not said if DX12 will be available for older versions of Windows, such as Windows 7 which remains popular.
  • DX12 will come built in with Windows 10
  • Nvidia’s new GPU’s, the Maxwell powered will have built in support for DX12.
  • Microsoft and Epic are working together in Unreal 4.
  • AMD cards may soon support DX12.
  • DX12 claims to cut back CPU power consumption by 50%.
  • Demo running in DX12 mode showed 60% improvements with DX11.
  • Expected DX12 release date is scheduled for Christmas 2015.

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