What is new in Office for Windows 10 ?

Microsoft Office is said to include versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to mobile device that will feature touch gestures, the release date of Office 10 will be late-2015

Office for Windows 10 versions

As mentioned Microsoft is said to release 2 versions the first will be for mobile device, tablets, it is said the version of Office for Windows 10 will be touch-optimised allowing users to better use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook on their smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The second version is Office 201 this will be for desktop users, it is similar to previous versions so users should adopt pretty quickly.

Office for Windows 10 features

Reformat documents to adopt to mobile screens.
‘Insights for Office’ now added into Word, can get images from Bing.
Get to the features quickly.
In Excel easy format content via touch-screen gestures.
In PowerPoint you can use context-sensitive controls.
Outlook and Calendar apps, will now include Word built in.

Office for Windows 10 pricing and release date

The touch versions of Office comes free if your smartphone or tablet is using Windows 10. A download version is also available from the Windows Store.
Pricing has not been announced yet. However the Technical Preview will be out in a couple of weeks.

Office 2016 also has no pricing at this time. If you currently have an Office 365 subscription you will be first in line to get it.

Office10 1

Office10 2

Office10 3

Office10 4