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What components to buy for an entry level gaming computer

For those who have no problems building their own PC it really is not a difficult task. We know you can do it. However, there is also a lot of people who do not know the various components, or do not have time for researching what parts to buy when building an entry level gaming computer. This is why we recommend you read this article to get a good understanding of what components to buy.

Step by step for an optimal configuration

The notion of a universal computer configuration, optimized for each user is a difficult task for anyone to put together. One user will need a more powerful processor, and another a more efficient graphics card. One will want to tweak their PC, the other wants to save more money on components.

That is why we are calling this a Level I computer system – for gamers looking to spend reasonable amounts of money when it comes to building a PC.

Cooler Master Elite 430 - Mid Tower Computer Case

Some basic tips:

  • Always look for an Intel Haswell processor, designed for enthusiasts.
  • Try to get the latest NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards.
  • Buy an SSD hard drive, and the right amount of fast RAM.
  • Buying a CPU with an unlocked multiplier is a must, which enables easy overclocking and purchase the appropriate cooling system.
  • Many models of graphics cards are also very easy to overclock and easily can increase gaming performance.
  • Strive to purchase a system that can be easily upgraded whether you need more a powerful processors, graphics cards etc..

Entry Level PC:

Processor Intel Pentium G3258
(Anniversary Edition)with an unlocked multiplier its designed for enthusiasts who want high overclock, great price ratio
cheaper economical option: Intel Pentium G3220
a more powerful variant of the more expensive Intel Core i3 4160
Motherboard MSI Z97 PC Mate
economical variant cheaper MSI H81-P33
the more expensive option: B85-G43 MSI Gamingthe Z97 chipset will allow for future upgrades to the latest Intel Core 5th generation (Broadwell), cooling the power supply section will provide an adequate potential liability. For those unfamiliar with overclocking this motherboard provides OC Genie technology  – overclock with just one click.
Graphics Card MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti OC
2GB GDDR5 (5400 MHz)the latest Maxwell architecture ensuring low energy consumption, good performance and good return on investment.
economical variant: the cheaper Radeon R7 260
the more expensive option: Radeon R9 270X
RAM Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB Kit
cheaper economical option: 1 x 4GB 1600MHz
the more expensive option: 2 x 4GB 1866 MHz
Toshiba Q Series PROToshiba Q Series Pro fares very well in speed tests. It offers good value for the money we can confidently recommend them.
cheaper economical option: 64GB SSD
the more expensive option: 256GB SSD
HDD 1 TB WD Green
cheaper economical option: none
the more expensive option: 2x 1TB or 2TB RAID
CPU Cooler Enermax ETS-T40  
cheaper economical option: the standard Intel cooler
the more expensive option: be quiet! Dark Rock 3 
Power Supply Enermax 500W ENP500AGT
cheaper economical option: 450W model
the more expensive option: + 650W (if in the future you are planning a major upgrade)
Case Cooler Master Elite 430 – Mid Tower Computer Case
economic or expensive option: choose the case that best suits your needs

Performance tests

Benchmark of this entry level gaming system is determined by these settings:

OC – ??overclocked processor to 4.2 GHz and a graphics card overclocked to 1150 MHz (1270 MHz BOOST) / 1500 MHz.


Test Fire Strike - standard computer settings

Fire Strike Results – standard computer settings

Test Fire Strike - overclocked components

Fire Strike Results – overclocked components


Battlefield 4

BF4 entry level gaming PC

Ultra settings is a challenge for an entry level PC like this. But it is enough if we reduce the settings to high graphic to enjoy smooth gameplay. With overclock we can gain a few more frames per second.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider entry level gaming PC

Tomb Raider is still one of the best looking games out there. Also thanks TressFX technology makes Lara Croft hair look so real. Ultra settings allow you to almost reach the magical limit of 60 frames per second.


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