What can we expect from iOS 7 ?

When it comes to anything regarding the visual style OS X, from our point of view it has evolved considerably from the Aqua style to now. And So I expect iOS 7 will change aesthetically (I believe it needs it – things such as the pop up bubbles designed for texts are unattractive using today’s technology)

Inside it’s core iOS will continue to be much the same. But there are several issues iOS must adopt within the next several years;

  •     Widgets (regardless of whether or not it its irrespective of whether within the home-screen or notification centre)
  •     Setting Toggles
  •     Gestures // OS level or inside of apps
  •     Common inbox for all texting platforms (similar to BB10)
  •     Option for default software
  •     Much more OS level implementation together with 3rd parties (social networking sites etc)

We don’t anticipate seeing any one of these (other than perhaps widgets/setting toggles) in iOS7, however possibly within the next few versions of iOS they really need to target these.