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What are the most durable tablets on the market ?

admin Dec 12

Have you ever wondered what the most resistant tablet on the market is ? At Square Trade yes. This company is dedicated to the protection of mobile and electronic equipment that recently has made a report evaluating the resistance in a scale of 1 to 10 of the most popular tablets on the market. Want to know what is the toughest tablet and what is the weakest ?


The tablets that have been analysed have suffered falls, landslides and even immersion in water in order to measure its strength and durability. The mishaps that our devices suffer daily have allowed the creation of the most rugged of tablets none other than the Samsung Galaxy S Tab 8.4. Exceeded the drop test with little consequences, and lost none of its functionality after surviving a water immersion test. In second place, closely, was the Sony Xperia Z3, which withstood the test of water, true to the way in which it was advertised by Sony (“waterproof”).

At the bottom of the list we find the Tmax 9 HD, who did very badly in all tests, although it is not a very popular brand in these parts. Square Trade also highlights the Asus MemoPad 7 and which has better price / durability.

Now for the ranking, where the number in parentheses indicates its tendency to break (lower is better):

  1. Samsung S Galaxy Tab 8.4 ( 3.3)
  2. Asus MemoPad 7 ( 3.5)
  3. Sony Xperia Z3 ( 4)
  4. iPad Mini 3 ( 4.4)
  5. Google Nexus 9 ( 4.5)
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 ( 5.1)
  7. Samsung S Galaxy Tab 10.5 ( 6)
  8. iPad Air 2 ( 6.1 )
  9. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ( 7.6)
  10. Tmax 9 HD (8.2 )

The common factor that we can draw a conclusion is quite clear : the larger is the tablet, is more likely to break.

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