What are the key features of Apple Music?

For $11.99 Apple has entered the foray of on line music streaming services. So what does Apple TV music provide?

For one it offers a superb family sharing deal. Below we list the key points of this service.

Apple-Music service

  1. Apple is a world leader, this pretty much guarantees that subscription-based streaming music is not going anywhere.
  2. Beats 1 and DJ Zane Lowe played a key role in its introduction, bringing lots of  publicity to its launch event, offers minimal advertisement.
  3. So far offers experimental music, no chart toppers yet.
  4. Streaming is offered via AAC format at 256Kbits/sec available for iOS 8.4 devices.
  5. Yes works on PC’s running iTunes.
  6. Family Sharing costs $17.99 per month, allows 5 additional Apple ID’s, all 6 users can make purchases from same CC.
  7. iTunes Match can host up to 250,000 from your personal library on the cloud, for $34 per year, however it is free if you have an Apple Music subscription.
  8. Offers superb playlists.
  9. Artists can use Connect feature, a social media service.
  10. So far users cannot visit artists page from listening to song.
  11. So far no Android or Sonos support, although Apple thinks it will be available sometime in 2015.

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