We’re pretty certain we’re not alone in this universe, and we have a math equation to thank for that

Are we alone in the universe?

Some of us think we are! But unfortunately science says otherwise, according to this CNET article by following Drakes Law we’re pretty confident that there may be other “species” in this universe.


What is Drakes Law ?

A new equation calculates the probability of other technological civilisations evolving, and has found that it’s wildly unlikely we’re the only time advanced society has appeared.

Adam Frank from the University of Rochester and Woodruff Sullivan from the University of Washington based their new equation on the Drake equation, used for calculating the probability of extraterrestrial civilisation, written by astronomer and astrophysicist Frank Drake in 1961.

Drake’s equation (top) compared to Frank and Sullivan’s equation (bottom).

Frank and Sullivan calculated that human civilisation is only unique if the odds of a civilisation developing on a habitable planet are less than one in 10 billion trillion.

“One in 10 billion trillion is incredibly small. To me, this implies that other intelligent, technology producing species very likely have evolved before us,” Frank said.