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We now know when Nintendo will release its NX console

Nintendo finally talks about the release date of its next NX console and its upcoming Zelda title The Legend Of Zelda that has just suffered another delay.

Japanese videogame giant Nintendo, announced its worldwide release date of its new console, called “NX“.

Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishima stated that the NX “is not merely a successor to the 3DS or Wii U, but a hardware built with a new way of thinking”. When the Wii U launched the yen was very strong.” Selling at a loss at launch does not help the business, so we’re keeping that in mind when developing the NX”.

“The fact that consumers spend more money on holidays (November-December) may be an important factor why a company would release it in that period.” That situation will not be repeated,” said Nintendo President. The new Nintendo console will arrive in March 2017 and not before. For now, we now know that this is not the case with the NX system as it will arrive in March 2007.

2016 was a year definitely hard to Nintendo, at least as far as consoles are concerned, although still leading in the handheld market, and among other things, it has been the year in which the market has grown around amiibo.

At this point no one really knows, but we can always assume right ? So by looking at all the Nintendo consoles of the past we know Nintendo is not going to charge more than $500 dollars for a console. Our guess is that the new NX console could cost in the vicinity of $399 or $300 in this price range Nintendo would stay competitive.