We have the first official confirmation of the next two models of the iPhone

Sometimes governments just can’t keep a secret as was the case with the recent leaked models of the supposed new iPhone by none other than the government of Thailand.


The leak states that there is possibly two iPhone models with different screen sizes. The leak apparently had secret security risk at all … It’s just been a government of Thailand communication.

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC)  of theThai government has issued a statement approving the import of both models of the Apple phone. Apparently it is a fairly common practice in the country where if you want to import a gadget one must submit a prior authorization request.

Both models are defined in the document as iPhone 6 model A1586 and A1524 respectively, little or nothing about the devices was disclosed by the Thai government. Apple has requested an urgent meeting with the Thai government and Apple headquarters in Singapore where the government there will have some explaining to do.

The Thai government has declared by the mouth of its secretary general that Apple may take the measures it deems appropriate, including delaying the launch of the phone in Thailand, but has followed the usual protocol and has not leaked any key data on devices.

The only request made by Apple was regarding the specifications of the two models that they be kept secret.

Either way the Singapore meeting should bring out some interesting gossip and perhaps the “new” Apple phone may not ultimately be called iPhone 6.

Vía | MacRumors