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Want to be a part time blogger ? Must do daily tasks

admin Dec 12

Often people ask me, what does it take to be a “part time blogger”.  There are lots of people out there who think part time blogger are those bloggers who don’t take blogging seriously. But I am not with them. Someone who is not serious in blogging is not blogger at all to me. So if I use the word “blogger” that will refer to someone who is serious in blogging it doesn’t matter whether he is full time or part time blogger.

So what do you exactly mean by part time blogger:  Very simple, part time blogger is those people who is really serious on blogging but blogging is not their only task. I mean the man who has a day job beside blogging; someone young who is a student like a lot of people out there.

So what daily tasks must I do: Let me come to that point. You may not have enough free time to be a full time blogger but I am sure you must want to make your blog popular. So here I have listed 6 tasks every part time blogger should follow daily at least to make their blog popular.

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  • Task 1, Read 7 other blog’s post (estimate time require 35 minute): Blogging is not only limited into writing content, you need to read some popular blog too. That will give you the idea what’s going on in blogosphere. If you read at least some other popular blog post daily, you will get noticed how and why they are too much popular, you will learn the strategy of their success and you may apply those in your blog in different ways. Every successful blogger reads lots of blog regularly.
  • Task 2, Comments on 10 blog post (estimate time require 20 minute): Do you know there are two pieces of diamond in corner of your bed room? I am sure you don’t know because if you knew you might pick that. Lol. So if you are supplying top quality content, you might not get enough visitors. Just because people don’t know that there is something valuable in your blog like you didn’t know two pieces of diamond was in your bed room. So make people know about you and your blog. And to make a community, you need to comment on other blogs. In your first task you need to read 7 blog posts. So you may comment on those 7 and 3 more. This will reduce your time and afford.
  • Take 3. share 5 other people’s post to your social media (estimate time require 10 minute): If you want to be successful blogger, you just can’t ignore the power of social media. It’s a great place to drive traffic and brand yourself. But what will happen if you only share your content? They will think you nothing but as a spammer. So share top quality 5 posts to your social media that will give an idea about your shared content quality to your social media friend and fan. Then they will think you only share top quality content. And they will think your content is quality too. It doesn’t matter whether they visit your blog or not, matter is they have got a positive thought to you and your blog.
  • Task 4, Post at least 5 post in a forum (estimate time require 15 minute): If you want to get a good position in search rank, you need to have good amount of back links. And forum posting is great way to get back links because most of the forums allow you to use your link as signature and it will be shown under your every post. So join any popular forum according to your niche and try to post at least 5 posts in forum.
  • Task 5, Think about your blog for 20 minute (estimate time require 20 minute): You may not understand what I am going to talk about in this task. Well let me clear. I do this task every day and that really help me a lot. It’s very simple you just have to think about your blog deeply for 20 min, in this time you may generate a post idea and write it down in a note book, you may generate an exclusive promotion idea, or your future plane. If you think about it, you may get lots of great idea regarding your blog.

Total time to work daily 35+20+10+15+20=100 minute or 1 hour 40 minute

So you can see to make your blog popular, you should do at least those things and you need to work at least 1 hour 40 minute. And if anyone can do that I can’t see any reason not to be a successful blogger. Hope you will do so thanks.

Note: I haven’t mentioned the main task and that is writing content because different people have different posting frequencies. Some post daily some twice in a week or more.

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