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Use Screen Pinning to lock your friends from using your Android Phone

Screen Pinning is a new feature found in Lollipop 5.0 that allows users to “pin” apps on the screen of your device, thus avoiding “guests” from leaving the app and accessing other application or getting into your files. From a far it doesn’t seem much, but in certain situations it can be a very good security measure, let’s take a look.

Imagine you have to give your phone to your friend or parents and for some reason you do not want them to see anything inside your phone or tablet, outside of what you let them use, because here is where this feature kicks in. Screen Pinning allows you to leave active only the application that select and want your friends using and can be password protected if users try to leave the screen.

Once this measure is enabled to exit the target application the user must simultaneously press the Back key and Recent Applications. After this you will be required to enter the secret key that was selected, otherwise the user is stuck. This is a simple measure of how practical mobile security should be.

Screen pinning lollipop 5.0

  • Activating ‘Screen pinning’ can be done by heading to¬†Settings > Security > Screen pinning enabling the feature.
  • Head to the Application you want to leave your phone locked to.
  • Hit the Recent Apps button, then hit the green pin icon that shows up on screen.
  • Hit Start, or enable the ‘Ask for PIN before unpinning‘ option for added security.
  • To unpin the Application, press the Back and Recent Apps buttons at the same time (and enter your PIN if required).

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