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USB 3.5 chips are already being developed

admin Jun 6

ASMedia Technology has declared via its president that it is working on you USB 3.5 chips both for controllers and for PCs, and it looks like they will be available for the 2014 year.

This new standard called USB 3.5 will be able to reach speeds of 10 GBPS per second that means that they will match the connection speed of thunderbolt from Apple.


Recently we spoke about thunderbolt and so far today doesn’t have much weight on the market as it is rarely used, for implementing on various systems however with USB 3.5 things are going to change it will be much more easier to integrate them on motherboards and on other devices, thanks to this it will be accepted in the market much easier.

Especially for SSD drives can you imagine external SSD drives you USB connection?

In the meantime the third generation of USB 3.1 chips via SATA from ASMedia, or more importantly the ASM1153, has been verified by USB-IF the company is going to start producing them for their clients during the third quarter of the year. These chips are fabricated by TSMC utilizing a 85 NPM process.

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