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Upcoming Sony PS4 console is codenamed NEO, has faster CPU and GPU speeds

New info is coming out regarding the PS4 NEO GPU according to rumors the new console will feature a 8-core Jaguar CPU clocked at 2.1GHz some what faster than the current 1.6GHz as for its GPU that is vital to home consoles it will come with a new “improved” AMD GCN chip with 36 CUs clocked at @ 911MHz, in the memory corner NEO will run faster GDDR5 ram with speeds of 218GB/s but still limited to only 8GB.

Analysts also claim Sony needs the extra hardware to run VR technology.

According to Arstechnica [via] says the PS4 NEO GPU could feature 36 CUs, that would mean around 2304 stream processors which means faster polygons.

But more interesting are the specs in regards to the Polaris 10 chip from AMD,  which is rumored to be used in an upcoming standalone Radeon R9 480 graphics card.

The idea will be to give 1080p games a frame rate and visual fidelity boost, while also giving developers the option to upscale games to 4K or render them natively at the resolution.

Roadmap2 640x360

I’m not entirely sure these specs will be enough to run VR with enough detail to satisfy hardcore gamers.