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Unblock All Blocked Content (Sites, Ports, Messengers etc)

If you are at work and your company blocks access to certain websites, or if you are in a country where the internet access is restricted then you know how frustrating it can be. As it turn out in most cases it is not very difficult to unblock access. I cant remember when I had to spend more than a few minutes to access anything which had been blocked. Ill try to detail how you too can unblock Internet access.

Web Proxy

Web Proxies are the easiest and the hardest to block because they are just so many of them. And, they are only a Google search away. They are like a small web browser within your browser. You can only use them to open websites or in some cases download files as well. All you have to do is Google “free web proxy” and you will get a tons of them. I personally prefer to use Guardster because they are free, fast and reliable.

Proxy Server

Proxy Settings for Google Chrome

This is the old school method of browsing the interest anonymously or unblocking blocked services. Using proxy servers you can unblock access to websites, messengers, downloads etc .This method requires a little configuration within the application that you are trying to access the Internet through e.g. web browser or messenger. You will need to go to and look for a proxy server. Copy the IP Address and the Port Number of the proxy server within the internet applications internet settings. It it will look something like this The numbers before the colon is the IP Address and the numbers after that is the port number i.e. is the IP Address and 3128 is the port number.

Remote Desktop or VNC

Remote desktop/VNC is the method with which you can access your own computer. Using your own computer (assuming it is open internet access), you can access anything you can could access on your computer. It essentially gives you access to your computers desktop. If will require you to make certain configuration changes on your computer or network. You can follow the below mentioned links to make the configurations:

Mac | Windows | Linux


Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices. Using SSH you virtually unblock anything. For this to work you will need an SSH server and a client. You can either purchase a server one online or configure any computer with open internet access as one. You will require some knowledge of how the Internet works to use this method. Putty is a free SSH client that you can use.

VPN Server

Using VPN you can unblock access to virtually anything. You will need a VPN client to use such services. Windows, MacOS and Linux are all shipped with VPN Clients. A Simple Google search will find you a lot of companies which offer such services. Mostly they are payed services.

Hope all of this helped. Please do share your feedback with me about how effective all of this was. If you still cant access something post a comment and ill try to help you out as much as I can.

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