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Twitter for Windows 8 Tablets

admin Mar 3

Twitter has just announced the launch of an application that has been designed specifically for use in Windows 8. The application takes advantage and adapts better to the possibilities offered by tablets and touch operation.

Twitter has just launched an app for Windows 8, which incorporates specific features that have been designed for the latest operating system from Microsoft.’

Thus, according Twitter it ensures the application has two “charms” Windows-specific. One can look for specific accounts or filter searches based on hashtags, while the second allows users of Windows 8 publish their post with photos and text from a standalone application.

The “charms” of Windows 8 and Windows RT are shown by icons in the menu bar and can be placed to the right of the screen. These provide features that link applications with the system or with other applications, such as search, data sharing or access to system functionality such as configuration.

The new Twitter app also works with Windows 8 notifications, provides information about updates to Twitter, etc … It has also been adapted for use in tablets. Thanks to this, users will have a more friendly version that includes the features like landscape view (users can view, for example, the pictures in a larger size).

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