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Tutorial to unlock any Android

admin Feb 2

Many have asked or have searched for more information on how to unlock Android phones. So I decided to post this tutorial that will on any Android device.



  • You have to be root user
  • You have to download the Root Explorer application
  • You need to download the editor UltraEdit


If any failure occurs in the process and this brings some unforeseen damage to your Android device, please note that Techhum is not responsible. Make a copy of the EFS folder, which is done with root explorer. Do an nandroid or full backup of all information on your smartphone.

First, make a copy of the EFS folder

  •     Remember you have to be root.
  •     Install the Root Explorer application.
  •     Open root explorer and then give root permissions.
  •     In root explorer, clickk on mounted r/w.
  •     Search the EFS folder, click on it, a menu will appear, select Copy, then paste it into the external SD.
  •     Search the SDCARD folder, click paste, paste or copy.
  •     You’ll have the EFS folder.
  •     Make two copies on your computer.
  •     For example, the one we will use for the jailbreak and one if anything goes wrong.

Process for carrying out the Android jailbreak

  •     Once you have the EFS folder in your computer, the next thing you have to do is find the mv_data.bin file.
  •     Open it with ultra edit program ( hex editor ).
  •     Once you open ultra edit, find the line 000433a0h.
  •     To unlock the phone, all you have to do is a very simple change, replace 01 by 00.
  •     You’ll see something like this.
  •     000433a0h : FF FF FF FF 00 01 01 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF : Y- YYY- YY- YYYYYYY
  •     Changed: 000433a0h : FF FF FF FF 00 00 00 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF : Y- YYY- YY- YYYYYYY
  •     Now all that ‘s left to do is copy your SD, and with root explorer, copy the EFS folder in your phone.
  •     It will ask to overwrite, you say yes.

Now restart your phone and you know have successfully achieved an Android jailbreak.

Greetings to all and good luck !

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