Tutorial: How to Flash Galaxy Note 3 and with Odin 3.04

flash note3First download the latest ROM from SamMobile

– Download Odin 3.04 -> HERE

Decompress the file and we will find a file with extension: tar.md5 (this indicates to update Kies, ie a ROM that does not wipe your phone), no need to unpack more …

Open Odin 3.04 (run as administrator), without touching anything leave all the boxes checked by default:

The ROM is placed in the PDA box

Then turn off the Note 3.
Turn it on by pressing Vol -., Home (central button and Power button simultaneously)

Until we see the Download Mode and press Vol. + To continue

Connect the Note 3 with the USB cable to the computer and wait a bit because the same has to be installed as a new device (Drivers).

Once recognized it will be connected to Odin, pressed Start and in 5-10 minutes your mobile will be flashed.

This is assuming we have the original ROM, when the rom is a single file it will not wipe the Note 3 therefore you will not lose any data or anything we have in your phone.

The estimated time will be displayed.

When finished PASS will come up.

The Note 3 will reboot, with the little robot with his guts opened and a blue ball, then all the apps will be updated.

If it is advisable to reboot for the rom to “fix itself”.

If you have any problems you have the reset Settings – Backup … – Factory data reset, but doing so you will lose everything.

We are not responsible if anything goes wrong, read the steps well before doing anything. This tutorial is to flash your Note 3, which is identical to flashing the S2, S3, Note 2 ect ..

A small FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the CSC, important ?

The CSC indicates to Kies what area / operator (in the world) is your mobile part off. To see it we can enter *#1234# in phone mode.

I have an unlocked ROM and want to flash to a newer one, should I do a wipe?

No, it is not necessary, this way you will not lose anything (contacts, apps, etc …).

Why some ROMs have multiple files and these only one?

The ROMs with multiple files are usually betas and they will wipe your phone. While a single file versions are extracted by Kies therefore they wont wipe your phone.

If I flash will I lose the warranty? Lifts the counter?

Not for the official ROMs, extracted from Kies will not rise your flash counter and if you fail you can always flash back to a previous or Operator ROM.

What is OTA?

Update on the air, via mobile data (3G or WiFi).

I have a mobile operator ¿I can put an unlocked ROM?

Yes, if you can. The only thing that could happen is you may need to do a data factory reset after updating to remove all the customization

What’s Wipe and how to do it?

To Wipe is to do a hard reset of your android phone. Leaves the device as if it was when you took out of the box. It can be done from the Settings menu – Backup and Restore – Factory data reset. Or turning off the phone and turn it on by pressing Vol + -. Home and Power at the same time and letting down until, you get a menu.

The flash process is a little slow.

The first thing the update does is update the phone’s applications … It takes a little. It’s good to do a reboot at least once a week if you have it always on.