Transcend announces its affordable line of DDR4 memory

One of the main problems that users are facing when upgrading to DDR4 RAM memory is undoubtedly the price, and now not only the price of memory, but the Intel X99 platform itself.

Transcend has announced its new affordable line of DDR4 RAM to make the transition to DDR4 memory a little better so that the choice to upgrade is no longer the price.

The new series includes modules format based on UDIMM, RDIMM, ECC-DIMM and ECC SO-DIMM, all fully compatible and certified for use with the latest family of processors such as Intel Xeon E5-2600 Server v3 and for desktop the Intel Haswell-E X99 chipsets , plus micro servers. Transcend DDR4

The Transcend family has a standard operating speed based on DDR4-2133 Mhz and it works just with 1.2 volts, thereby being 100% compatible with current systems using DDR4 RAM memory.

Transcend assures compatibility and the reliability in its new set of DDR 4 memory sticks. They use high density components, allowing capacities ranging from 4 to 32 GB per module (in the latter case, logically server).

Here you can see the table of models: