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Toughpower DPS, Thermaltake Power Supply with digital control

admin Sep 9

Until recently, the power supplies have been controlled via analogue connectijons, but it seems that this is changing as more and more manufacturers are switching to digital. This is the case with Thermaltake and the two new digitally controlled power supplies: Toughpower DPS DPS Toughpower 750W and 850W.
Both sources are fully modular, so you can disconnect each wire independently. The 750W model is capable of delivering up to 62 amps through its 12V rail, giving a total of 74 watts. In the case of 850W source provides 70 amps through the same rail for a total of 840 watts exact.

Both incorporate a 140mm fan which operates at a maximum speed of 1900 RPM to help with overheating. They are also 80Plus Gold certified, which ensures efficiency between 87 and 92 percent.
Toughpower DPS 750W

And now the interesting part, the digital control allows us to monitor the temperature, fan speed, efficiency and wattage and voltage that is also helps us monitor energy usage.

To perform these functions, Thermaltake has its own software, Smart DPSApp, and it is necessary that the source is connected to one of the internal USB pin motherboard.

The cables included in both sources are practically the same, and Cable ATX 20 +4 pin and 4 +4 for CPU (which are both 60cm) of 750W includes four 6 +2 PCIe and 850W has six (55cm). Little difference besides that this and 750W DPS is limited to 8 SATA power connectors while the 850W supports 12 (55cm).

As for the price and release date, we do not know anything as of yet.


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