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Top Features of Windows 10, Will it be worth it to Upgrade ?

admin Jan 1

With Microsoft getting ready to unveil Windows 10 to the world, many analysts are wondering if its going to include enough wow factor to get people off Windows 7, that is still quite popular especially amongst PC gamers.

Windows 10 is based on three pillars: security, mobility and multi platform. For Microsoft, during an era of hacker attacks of content platforms, users feel safe in using a Microsoft operating system. That is why the engineers of the company have tightened security of its latest OS. Moreover, in Redmond they are working on an operating system that is integrated into all devices at once and not only in PC.
Windows 10 share characteristics wether its found in a computer, tablet and mobile phone. It is a multi-platform operating system adapted to run on all devices and provide a 360 degree experience to its users. This can be seen especially in 2 in 1 systems (hybrid tablet-PC) where you can jump to a “PC mode” in seconds and naturally in “tablet mode” as well. Precisely this is the third foundation of Windows 10, which advocates a control that integrates gestures, voice and traditional controls to be accessible.

Here are the Top Features of Windows 10

  • Windows 10 Charms Bar
  • “Halo” Cortana comes to the PC
  • Project Spartan
  • Universal Apps
  • Windows 10 Gaming
  • Windows Holographic support

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