Windows 10

Top Features found in Windows 10

With the release of Windows 8 Microsoft found itself takinga a major risk with its most innovative operating system Microsoft had ever released, its reception was somewhat cold, because it focused more on the needs of users of tablets than those who opted for conventional desktop computers, and yes that includes PC gamers. So this time around the company hopes to completely change its priorities with the new Windows 10, which we may see it launched next summer in the North America. Microsoft has enabled the community to start testing the progress of Windows 10 to see its initial reaction, one just needs to sign up for the Windows Insider program, to know a lot about this new operating system.

The in this article we wanted to highlight the top 10 features found in Windows 10, suche as improvements to both productivity and entertainment with your PC. Of course, there could be many more changes ahead, as Windows 10 is still in beta.

Cortana coming to Windows 10

Initially found in the Halo games but now as a voice assistant on a computer? Apple was the first to bring this to its iPhone smartphones, but Microsoft is a pioneer in the PC world. While in Windows you could use Google Chrome, but the truth is that its capabilities are limited and Cortana for Windows 10 appears far more advanced. Of course, it is a feature that will help us in our day to day tasks, and we will help you both move through menus to perform routine tasks.

Notification Center


New Windows 10 notification center

Again Microsoft is not the first to create one, since Mac OS X has had a notification center that has found a home to many users, the idea was inherited from mobile platforms, especially of the great ideas that contributed by Android at the time. Now is the turn of Windows, allowing us to all view all the reports that are available and are ordered nicely to be found easily. Also included are several shortcuts to different functions, so this new window that opens from the right side of the screen will be very useful we suspect.

New Office

Universal application of Office

Microsoft has always pioneered in Office productivity software thus we can safely say that Windows 10 will follow suite, its office suite has made an excellence transition to a Metro version, based on the new application system that was brought in with Windows 8. Well, Microsoft is already well advanced with new Office apps (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) are now more simple to use, with a fresh look and that will be compatible with Windows 10 for mobiles. And the new strategy being that Office is committed to multiplatform, even on devices with Android or iOS.

Xbox Live and DirectX 12

Xbox Live App in Windows 10

Can PC gamers now rejoice ? Well not everyone plays on games on their PC, but those who do will be pleased to see that Windows 10 has been designed for them, and that Microsoft is not only thinking of its home console, the Xbox One. The new Xbox Live features multiplayer, achievements and social experience in computers, and allows the use of a computer or tablet to play from an Xbox One console. In a technical aspect, DirectX 12 will be a step forward that will allow games to improve their visual appearance and, last but not least, Microsoft will bring to PC some of its exclusive titles like Fable Legends.

The Start menu and search bar

Windows Start Menu 10

Didn’t you hate the fact that Microsoft removed the beloved start menu in Windows 8? Well rest assured that with Windows 10 it is back and now with enhanced live tiles, some shortcuts that provide additional information. Aslso included is a search bar next to the Start menu, making it very convenient to find applications and documents on your PC, or any information on the Internet. In addition, this bar is also the gateway to the voice assistant Cortana, a real change in the experience of the traditional Windows desktop.

Continuum mode and new tablet interface

Continuum Mode Windows 10

Continuum mode has been created for those devices such as the Surface tablet that converts to a tablet when not having the keyboard attached to it but could turn into a laptop when a keyboard is connected. It transform the Start menu designed for use with a touch screen, and makes the apps more maximized.

New apps … now universal!

Metro Apps in Windows 10

Metro apps or modern applications created for Windows 8, and Windows 10 will now be running in a window instead of full screen. They are easier to develop than normal, and work on both PCs and tablets and smartphones … even be adapted for Xbox One. Undoubtedly, this will facilitate the creation of programs for its new Microsoft operating systems, a problem the company has struggled in recent years.

Virtual Desktop


Virtual Desktop Windows 10

For the first time we have the option to use multiple desktops at once, something that will appeal to advanced users. This is achieved with a button on the taskbar that allows us to have a quick view of applications and manage multi-window operation efficiently. Many users do not need virtual desktops, but others have enjoyed this feature that is well established in Linux and OS X.

The Spartan browser

Reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 10

We can now say goodbye to Internet Explorer. Although Internet Explorer has improved greatly in its latest versions, is still quite behind its rivals. And its name completely devalued, Microsoft has decided that it would not help its release of Windows 10. So Microsoft will launch with Windows 10 a new browser, rewritten from scratch, and under a new name, which has not yet been revealed. Question will remain whether Microsoft can catch up to the likes of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

A new ecosystem

News Windows 10 ecosystem

For the first time Microsoft will have a unified operating system: although with different interfaces, Windows 10 is to be the same for smartphones, tablets and computers, and is even being introduced to its Xbox One. The truth behind this move is that this will be a great opportunity for users who are interested in Windows to enjoy the same experience across all their devices, and also this new approach will attract more developers to create apps and games.

Microsoft hopes that Windows 10 will be what most users relly on for their day to day tasks. It is also reassuring that everyone can upgrade to Windows 10, even those with pirated copies. All you need is Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to upgrade to the latest Microsoft operating system to enjoy all these advanced features. For now at leaset, it seems that Microsoft is taking very seriously Windows 10, and it seems that the result of all this work will change the way we interact with our computers, tablets and smartphones.

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