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I like the good vibes of this design; this is a perfect theme for WooCommerce oriented to an exclusive audience. It has city fonts and a clear design.

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We talked about Divi on the top themes of WordPress like a good option to build a corporate website, but it also incorporates compatibility with WooCommerce with a very interesting design.

Divi is a WordPress theme that might be considered as a framework due to the number of options and possibilities it has. You can virtually build any type of web with it, because it always keeps close to the flat design that makes it very interesting.

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It is possibly the most elegant theme of all, with the margins and spaces between all very measured elements. A very neat and clean design, there is no doubt.

Highend is one of those giant themes. It updates almost weekly, so you will never run out of game with your WooCommerce project.

We talked about it in our comparison on the best WordPress themes, and the truth is that it is a safe option for WooCommerce: clean design, smooth navigation and proper management of articles and product pages in the online store.

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It has been creating online stores with WooCommerce since almost two years, which speaks highly of this template. If we add that upgrades are almost monthly, it offers calm and confidence because we know that there is a large user base using this template.

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The flat design is fashion, but that does not mean that everything is has to be flat design. What is important in an ecommerce project is to connect with your audience, and if your audience has a particular style or different from the rest, that is what should matter.

As you will see in this template, the design is a bit special: more rounded and with shading. It includes a very wide options panel that you can customize, like all WordPress themes from Elegant Themes.

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For those looking for something simple, Ruskit fits perfectly. It has the normal options in a simple design. The website loads faster, so if we do not want a complicate option, this is a good choice.

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Adrenalin is a complete and very personal theme where it is impossible to identify that you are working with WordPress or WooCommerce (if you are a user!) It also includes a couple of payment plugins to compose and create customized pages and slider; you know that for slider there is nothing like some good pictures!

As for speed, it is not the fastest one, but the amount of options it has is worth the sacrifice. It is compatible with WPML (a multilingual plugin,) as well as a good collection of shortcodes to modify the themes without touching a line of code.

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