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Top 7 best programs for home video editing in Windows

Surprisingly there are many Video editing programs out there. Making choosing one much more difficult. We’ll give you a basic guide for choosing the most suitable for you.
There are plenty of affordable video editing program that have a variety of provided options. Most of them released recently will  have similar features, but they may be significantly different. They differ mainly in the user environment and access to functions. The choice is then quite challenging and it pays to use a trial version. Today, we look at 7 of the most useful and probably the most common editing programs from which to choose from.

Adobe Premiere Elements



A professional editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro is very expensive, however there is a more simplified and considerably cheaper version for home  use – Premiere Elements. It contains many effects to keep you entertained such as picture-in-picture and has advanced methods to work with subtitles. However, its targeting is primarily for  beginners, and offers a clear guide and quick access to formation via videos and has many automated tools.
Premiere Elements is suitable for beginners, but also offers advanced features such as picture-in-picture and allows you to create simple masks.
The disadvantage is not much other than that it does not support 4K or 3D video, also has weaker performance compared to other competitors in the home video processing category. On the home video editing side however it is one of the best choices because it has “just right” the right features, offers an uncluttered user interface and intuitive controls. The manual definitely has great help guides.

Adobe Premiere Elements 13 download (trial version)
Price: $100
The good: basic holiday video editing , no major learning curves.

Corel VideoStudio Pro


VideoStudio Pro now supports processing of 3D and 4K video and is a little better equipped than its predecessors. It offers more advanced effects, a clean and simple interface making it very easy to navigate within the application. The function then takes advantage of a tool for recording what is happening on your screen.

Unlike most competitors, you do not have to pay extra for all functions, Corel VideoStudio Pro can do anything substantial in its base version for around $80, for Ultimate expect to pay at least $125 as it offers a richer library of additional samples.
Corel VideoStuido Pro X8 (trial version)
Price: $80
The good: Fast creation of videos with fun effects, transparency, effects on single track.

CyberLink PowerDirector



CyberLink PowerDirector is yet another very powerful video editing tool for Windows. Allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a 64-bit software and to it credit offers very fast rendering, can handle 3D video and video in 4K and a surprising arsenal of sophisticated features. Especially working with keying and PIP offers unprecedented possibilities and very easy to use.

For the low price of domestic Editor it offers some features that you can but in more professional applications. Its  rendering speed, also deserves credit. The user interface, however, still has gaps and the discovery of some functions may be daunting to some users.

CyberLink PowerDirector offers advanced features for processing multiple videos at a time. It also offers, for example, an advanced subtitle editor and plenty of graphic effects

CyberLink PowerDirector 13 (trial version)
Price: from $69 (according to addons and advanced features, recommended version: Ultimate- about $150
The good: you can work with multiple images at once, creative editing, effects, very fast rendering.

Magix Movie Edit Pro


MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2015Magix Movie Edit Pro offers more than it may seems from is name – except the video editing also includes a very efficient tool for audio editing and a DVD authoring tool. Its video editor is one of those better equipped, offers advanced work with masks, and a popular feature for animation. Magix contains also a good tool for creating subtitles, features include support for 4K video.

Its environment program, the user can customize according to their habits, certainly the most intuitive. The disadvantage is the somewhat higher cost, but rather corresponds to a greater amount of the offered functions. And has slower rendering than the competition.

Magix Movie Edit Pro offers support for 4K video.
Magix Movie Edit Pro 2015 (trial version)
Price: from $80(according to features and advanced features, recommended version: Plus – about $100)
The good: for those looking for more advanced video editing features, particularly suitable for processing on DVD (intuitive tool, the largest library of templates.)

Microsoft Movie Maker


Windows Essentials
Before you buy any of the paid video editors, first try Microsoft Movie Maker. Quite possibly may save you a lot of money. The basic video editing program from Microsoft is not as silly as it might seem. If you do not require working with multiple video tracks and your goal is to piece together a few video clips or photos or even music, you’ll find Movie Maker will suffice.

Movie Maker allows individual videos to be cropped or divided, you can suppress noise in the video and add your own comment or music. Furthermore, it can stabilize shaky videos and has transition effects available, it includes some visual effects for video and basic and can work with subtitles. Its been a long time since Microsoft Movie Maker only allowed you to save via WMV format, as now you can export to MPEG-4 / H.264 at 1080p.
Movie Maker is a basic video editor from Microsoft. Although it is free, it handles itself surprisingly well.

Download free here.

Price: Free
What is good: handle fairly basic video editing while free.

Pinnacle Studio


Pinnacle Studio
Pinnacle Studio is another good choice if you are looking for a Windows programs for video editing for your home movies. It is a native 64-bit application that offers many advanced features and effects, can handle 4K video editing. The ratio of price and features in this program is what is most attractive and therefore enjoys considerable popularity.

The program, however, is often criticized for bad stability and distinct control, which is not very intuitive. However, in recent versions its creators have prepared a series of tutorials for beginners to use. Of course you can work with multiple tracks, blending, keying, composing  separate tracks with sound and so on.
Pinnacle Studio offers premium features and a rich library of content accompanying
Pinnacle Studio 18 (trial download)
Price: from $60 (according to library features and more advanced features, recommended version: Plus – about $99)
The good: advanced editing, works with several tracks, has the possibility of creative approach.

Sony Movie Studio

movie studio13
The Japanese giant in consumer electronics deals not only in hardware but also software. It boasts of developing Sony Vegas Pro video editor designed for Professionals and the movie industry, but for home video editing you probably need something cheaper this is where Sony Movie Studio comes in.

Movie Studio supports editing of 3D movies and videos in 4K. Lovers of effects and transitions will be pleased with this one, which is possible thanks to the support from many plug-ins that continue to expand. Owner of touch screens will also rejoice that its program control is designed for them also.
Sony Movie Studio is also prepared for touch control. The weakness of the program is its slower rendering compared to other programs, beginners may also find its interface program difficult to understand.

Sony Movie Studio 13 (trial version)
Price: $79 (according to various options and advanced features, recommended version: Platinum – about $150 – $200)
The good: After a very fast creation of custom videos, has readily available advanced features

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