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Top 10 Video Cards for Battlefield 4

If you are looking into getting into Battlefield 4, make sure you have one of these video cards. As we have looked at the top 10 video cards on the market that will get you the best Battlefield 4 gaming experience.

TITAN Z battlefield

It should come as no surprise that the MSI GeForce GTX Titan Z with 12GB is the top performer for this FPS, designed by Nvidia and is one of the most powerful graphics card on the market. The GeForce GTX Titan Z utilizes a powerful circuit board on which are two GK110 Kepler GPUs with 2880 CUDA cores and 12 GB each GDDR5 memory with 384-bit interface. DirectX 11.2 and OpenGL 4.2. are supported.

Battlefield 4 Score based on frames per second.

Top 10 video cards for Battlefield 4

Video Card Frames Per Second
Radeon R9 290 67
GeForce GTX 970 80
GeForce GTX 980 92
GeForce GTX Titan 78
GeForce GTX 780 Ti 96
GeForce GTX Titan Z 156
Radeon HD 7990 120
Radeon R9 295X2 120
GeForce GTX 690 110

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