Thermaltake Level 10 GTS Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Today I’ve been taking a look at this stunning looking Level 10 GTS PC Chassis from Thermaltake, which is essentially the little brother of the Level 10 GT, it is also about £60 cheaper too. A lot of companies have been releasing a whole range of white cases, continuing the trend that white is the new black when it comes to PC chassis design.

Thermaltake have been around for 13 years now, with a business that spans from the Thermaltake Server Series, specialising in rackmount chassis, server CPU cooling and a whole lot more, all the way through their very popular ranges of power supplies, coolers and cases for the consumer market and now even onto their range of pro gaming equipment from their Tt eSports range, so they definately have a fair bit of industry knowledge, which should bode well for this case.

The Level 10 GTS Mid-Tower chassis hits the market around the £70-80 price point, making this a mid range component, as such it comes with a few extra features for your money that you generally wouldn’t find on a lot of low to mid budget cases.

Not only does this case stand out thanks to its off-white textured finish, but it comes with a whole host of extras, such as tool less installation, thanks to its thumbscrews and snap-locks for the drive bays, full USB 3.0 support on the front panel, plenty of room for even the biggest of graphics cards, cable management throughout, including cut outs at the rear for water cooling solutions, EasySwap HDD bays, headset mount and a couple of pre-installed fans, with room for plenty more.

Build quality is solid through out too, even just from first impressions of taking it out of the box you can tell this thing is sturdy, no rattles or squeaking plastics to be found here, everything is locked tight in place and is certainly built to a high standard.

So with a lengthy list of major features and high build quality we’re definitely off to a good start, check out the next few pages while we take a closer look at what the Level 10 GTS has to offer.


  • FrontSpeed 2: USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
  • PitStop 4: EasySwap HDD bays
  • CableClear: Advanced cable management
  • S.S.S.: Smart Lock Security System
  • Combat Headset Holder
  • Bottom-placed PSU design for easy installation



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