Thermaltake Armor Revo Full-Tower Chassis Review

Thermaltake Armor Revo Full Tower Chassis Review


This week I’ve been taking a look at the Armor Revo Full-Tower chassis from Thermaltake.  With their long history of making everything from servers, power supplies and cooling solutions all help in their knowledge of how to build a good PC chassis and with this full tower chassis sporting a long list of features and extras such as full USB 3.0 support, a whole range of connections on the front panel, room for upto 8 expansion cards, 6 storage drives and 4 optical drives as well as being capable of water cooling all add up to make this an exciting case.

The Thermaltake Armor Revo is on the market for around £130, which is quite high, but given that this is a premium product its price in line with similar products from other manufacturers.

While this case does have a “snow edition” that comes in white we will be taking a look at the all black edition today, with its tough looking exterior and heavy duty looking paint finish it certainly looks like it could survive a few knocks and bumps with ease, even taking it out of the box was quite an effort as this thing really is built to last, which makes it reasonably heavy for one person to lift.

So lets start by taking a look at what the Armor Revo has to offer and see just what you can get from this Full-Tower chassis for your £130.

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