The story behind console controllers

Just as the DualShock 4 controllers for the PlayStation 4 and the new controller for the Xbox One have received positive reviews from the gaming industry.The problems of previous generations have been solved,and seems to have reached the pinnacle of what should be the style of a console controller.However,this has not been an easy task,since the controls have been evolving for over 30 years to become what they are now.

In an interview with Venture Beat,Aoki Toshimasa of Sony was talking about the process that has been carried out to develop the new controller of the PlayStation 4.Apparently,Sony scrapped over 20 prototypes to come up with the final version that we all know.In the past,Sony arranged the buttons on its controllers to make mimic the controller of the Xbox 360,and even began testing a design similar to Wii U with the left analog stick on top (presumably of the main face of the controller ).In the end,they had enough good reviews.Instead,to add the touchpad in the center and remove the select and start buttons,yes they are getting actually a pretty substantial change to the classic design of the DualShock controller.And yes,Sony took a risk,but less than usual.After three generations without changing the design we finally see something different.


Before the new DualShock 4 was officially announced,many rumors came out located a touch screen in the control center, as in Wii U.These controls operate a good deal of family games in first and third person,but there is much more that can be done.The Wii motion controls used in an interesting way,and Kinect rose even higher the bar.Now products like Wii U,PS Vita and the iPad are already exploring what they can provide touch screens to Gaming.It seems that consumers are no longer interested in small interactions.

Valve also shocked the gaming industry presenting its own control based on touch technology.While the device itself has a number of drawbacks,Valve has earned the opportunity for people to trust them and begin to explore what can be done with these new options the Crontroller Steam provides.The Steam Controller surely cannot replace the traditional console controls,but opens up some new opportunities for genres that are still in development.


This may have two or three different controls connected to our games station (PC or console) for each type of game,but we would have a controller that was ideal for all types,or at least that’s our opinion.What seems pretty clear is that all companies (except Microsoft,for now ) are putting their sights on the touch controls.

Do you think they have a future ?