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The Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 can make a great laptop replacement

admin Jan 1

The Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 is a formidable device, not only for its power but because it can make a great laptop replacement.


To start off the best thing about this tablet is the screen resolution in the form of a 12.2-inch LCD screen with 2560 x 1600 resolution, if you are like me and was looking for a 12″ or smaller laptop you probably would be looking for an ultrabook, or perhaps even a Chromebook. However you will be hard pressed on finding an ultrabook that offers the resolution of the Note Pro at a reasonable price.

The screen being one of the selling points for me to purchase this device personally it was not however the only factor, other reasons I chose the NotePRO 12.2 was the fact that you can use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse making it pretty close to a laptop.

For mouse I’m using the Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 this little device is great due to its small size and quick charging, also worth noting is that you can pair this mouse with 2 devices and it has a small switch at the bottom for that purpose.

As for Keyboard connectivity I use another Logitech product, the Logitech PRO it works great as it also acts as a case cover to protect your NotePRO, the case and keyboard combo are also fairly light not adding much weight to the overall system.

Turning to apps I also use my MacbookPro whenever I need to do some coding or write HTML,CSS etc…Macs are great for this as it has plenty of resources for programmers.

So can the Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 be a good tablet for programmers or developers?

That is a tough question and I’m sure opinion will vary vastly here. Personally I feel that Android still has ways to go to catch other Operating Systems in this regard, but don’t count out the Google Play Store as it has many amazing apps for example if I want to code on my NotePRO 12.2 I found this app called Ultraedit and I actually think its just as good as any editor found on my Mac, Ultraedit allows you to connect to your FTP or any other popular external source such as Dropbox, the editor itself is nice offering many features found in more expensive ones.

If you want to use your Android tablet for editing or creating Microsoft Word files, you will be disappointed, but not totally as Android and the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 count on HWOffice and it works about 80 percent as good as Microsoft Office that is quite expensive now at days.

Multitasking was another great reason why I opted to go with the Note Pro 12.2, you can have up to four screens opened at the same time, however only certain apps have this capability, a work around here is to root your Galaxy NotePRO 12.2.

Samsung offers 3GB of ram in its Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 providing enough memory to run at least 5 apps at the same time, the NotePRO 12.1 also has very fast Wi-Fi.

The S-pen feature I honestly don’t use very often, since its designed for specific tasks not to mention my handwriting is not the best in the world,but there are others who excel using it.

Android like iOS are blessed with many apps that can be had for free if not very cheap, for example the file editor I purchased via Google Play cost me around $3 a similar app in OSX I would have to pay over $50.

As good as the Samsung Note Pro 12.2 is at replacing a laptop there are some limitations, for example I’m not able to sync my iPhone or jailbreak my phones nor will I be able to upgrade the firmware of my many gadgets in the house, for these functions you will still need to use a laptop a Windows one actually since my Mac Book Pro is also limited when it comes to running many tools needed to upgrade or modify devices.

The Good:

1. Screen size, resolution

2. Its screen

3. Multitasking works great

4. Good battery life without Bluetooth

5. The S-pen

6. Fairly responsive, quick enough


The Bad:

1. Expensive compared to other Android tablets

2. No IPS screen

3. Slows down with many apps opened

4. Slower development, less upgrades

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