The Rolling Stones to rock Cuba in never before seen concert

The legendary British band The Rolling Stones announced today in a statement it will offer a free concert in Havana on March 25, in what will be the most important musical event that has taken place on the island in decades. The performance, the first of Rolling on the island, will take place at the Sports City of Havana just three days after the historic visit of US President Barack Obama, the country.

Of course the idea is not everyone’s cup of tea, specially with Cuba’s human rights record.

The band are currently on tour in South America for their America Latina Ole tour, which is receiving rave reviews.

It’s currently due to end in Mexico City on 17 March.

In the years following the Cuban Revolution, which culminated with Fidel Castro becoming prime minister in 1959, rock music was viewed as a symbol of Western capitalism in the Communist country.