The rise of the killer robot? Meet the K5 from Uber designed to keep an eye on security

A new employee is being created by Uber who is know for its private transportation network we’re talking about a robot that has some resemblance to R2D2 and has the function of monitoring vehicles at a parking lot in San Francisco, California. The K5 robot belongs to the Knightscope startup in Silicon Valley. It has a 360 degree view and facial recognition. In addition, it can scan 1,500 patents per minute and notify authorities automatically if tit sees something suspicious. It also uses lasers and a geolocation system to navigate and avoid obstacles.

“Think of the K5 as an advanced anomaly detection device,” Stacy Dean Stephens, manufacturing company Knightscope’s vice president of marketing and sales, tells Digital Trends. “It patrols within a geofenced area using its sensors to alert security professionals of potential threats. Each machine has 360-degree high definition video for both day and low light; thermal imaging; two-way audio with public address, intercom and broadcast; license plate recognition; and people detection — to name a few [of its attributes].”


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