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The Razer Atrox arcade stick for the xbox one

Arcade games have come a long way since its golden era and have been linked to the history of video games that marked the path of innovation and also a period that arouses a bittersweet nostalgia.

However obviously this device is not going to be for everyone, that said its great to see that in the gaming world no one is left behind so if you play lots of fighting games this is for you.

Its also a treat for modders, since its greatest asset is similar to the Atrox for the Xbox 360, it has the possibility to open the door to the guts of the device, the area where the second interchangeable lever is stored and the magnetized screwdriver will allow us to modify it to exhaustion, thanks to the board being riddled with holes for screwing or modifying the mapping of its Sanwa buttons.

If you’re looking to find a customizable arcade stick for your Xbox One, the Razer Atrox comes as a highly recommended option, a device that has been created with the “satisfy” idea in mind, but not available for a really cheap price.

razer-atrox-arcade-stick-xbox-one-2-10489 razer-atrox-arcade-stick-xbox-one-1-10489

  •  8 Sanwa button oriented for tournaments
  • Interchangeable top panel allows you to incorporate fully custom designs
  • Easy access, with one touch, to internal components and storage
  • Full access to internal components and storage compartments so you can easily modify it
  • Internal honeycomb structure shaped to facilitate assembly
  • 4 meter detachable USB cable with locking screw for a secure connection
  • Screwdriver for modification included