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The Radeon R9 M480 will be based on the Polaris 11 AMD GPU

There is a rumor circulating on the web, that in the not too distant future notebooks will be using the Radeon R9 M480 that will feature the Polaris GPU. Where it seemed reasonable to think that the R9 M490 and R9 M480 would be the only Radeon M400 cards for portables.

TheR9 M480 GPU uses Device ID 67E0, that is running Baffin an alias of Polaris 11.

The AMD Radeon M480 is equipped with 4 GB GDDR5 with a clock frequency of 1.250 MHz, the GPU clock speed is at 1,000 MHz, although it may vary depending on the manufacturer.

It appears that both R9 M480 as well as the R9 M490 will utilize Polaris in its chips. Polaris 10 is said to be equipped with at least 2304 graphics processors, and Polaris 11 has a minimum performance of 1280 graphic cores.

Therefore, the AMD Radeon M480 can present the less powerful chip, while the Radeon M480X will have the full power of Polaris 11. Although AMD may decide to skip 4xxX and the R9 485/495 4XXX series to simplify its offer.

Stay tuned for more news about Radeon M400.