The Pocket size Samsung Portable SSD T1

The Samsung SSD T1 is the new external SSD drive from company provides up to 1TB in a small size and has high level of security and encryption, an ideal device for the corporate market.

At CES Samsung displayed this external 1TB SSD hard drive that is wallet sized and according to the company combines portability, capacity and security, and the truth it looks incredibly nice.

Includes security software that supports encryption AES 256-bit data, a nod to corporate market that the Samsung SSD T1 is perfect for transporting large amount of encrypted files in the smallest space possible. The company’s says the SSD T1 has a nominal transfer of 450 MB / a USB 3.0 port and an extra connection that provides interface speeds up to 5Gb / s is included (we assume Thunderbolt or similar), ideal for video processing and on-the-go photos.

The new Samsung SSD T1 is now available from January 20, $179 (£120, AU$220), $299 (£200, AU$365), and $599 (£395, AU$735) for 250GB, 500GB and 1TB, respectively.

Samsung SSD T1

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