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The Nvidia GTX 1000 series will be introduced in May 6

Nvidia’s new Pascal architecture, is said to appear in GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 coming this year. Here are the details of the event being organized by NVIDIA.


During the upcoming Nvidia Editor Event that is said to be held on May 6, Nvidia will present (at least on paper) its new range of GTX 1000 graphics cards, featuring 3 models: the GTX 1080, the GTX 1070 and the GTX 1060 Ti. As mentioned this is what “could” happen since the actual launch and availability to purchase them is scheduled for Computex 2016, although the first analysis should begin to emerge in mid May of the same month.

We could see the Nvidia and Radeon factions take their war up a notch, as users want to know who will win this new generation of “video card” wars.

These new generation cards could bring us a possible 6 nm design in the case of people from Nvidia or 14 nm in the case of Radeon now that would be amazing. Its also worth noting that the new gen video cards must be environmentally friendly and reduce energy consumption at least this is what is being pushed in the tech sector these days.

Perhaps the most interesting from the perspective of a user is the new GTX 1060 Ti which is said to be able to achieve performance of the current GTX 970 but at a price much lower since it cost about 250 €, which is the perfect price range for most people who play PC games.