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The NVIDIA Geforce GTX Titan-Z gets reviewed 

As was mentioned and summarized in Fudzilla, PC Perspective who where lucky enough to get their hands on the GeForce Titan-Z, the new dual NVIDIA card that turns out to be a real monster in all aspects.GTX Titan-Z

And what we read is not surprising at all: it is an excellent card and that would be putting it mildly, its design and consumption are truly outstanding, but it proves to economically incompatible for several reasons: because 2 GTX 780 Ti  have the same power for games and its even cheaper and if we need more FP64 power there is always the Titan Black. Then there is the Radeon 295X2 R9 that is available at a  much more reasonable in price for its performance.

GTX Titan-Z-1

Ultimately the $3000 may turn out to be your biggest obstacle besides you can just go with a more conventional SLI solution except for those with space issues.

Although we have already seen this, we will mention its specs again. This is a card comes with two GK110 GPU with CUDA Cores that total 5706 operating at 706 MHz and can reach 876 MHz. 12GB of GDDR5 RAM this complete its specifications.

The GTX Titan-Z comes in a size of 269 x 111 x 53 mm, a weighs 1,364 grams and has a TDP of 375 W.

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