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The Nokia 928, the Phone that has some impressive features, on a limited hardware platform

admin Jul 7

The Nokia 928 is one of the most popular and sought-after smart phones that use Windows 8. And many people including myself think that Windows phone eight operating system is faster than android and iOS, however that is just my simple opinion. Going back to the Windows 8 operating system I have found it to be very fast smooth and quite responsive this is even with a lower and processor which is pretty good compared to other phones that feature quad core were dual core processors, Microsoft has done a really good job getting the operating system to run smoothly and have found fewer bugs, slowdowns, reboots that I have found in other android phones.


The live tiles function as a means to update all your latest social feeds and information right in one screen and it saves the user from having to open all the various apps such as mail, Facebook, calendar and so on. What another great feature of Windows 8 is the fact that you can customize the background tiles and change them with ease.

The camera found in the Nokia Lumina 928 is definitely in my opinion the best camera on any phone yes that includes the iPhone 5, it takes amazing photos even at night with lowlight conditions and no Nokia has done a really good job in promoting this feature and the camera alone should be good enough reason to get this phone.

In regards to call quality the Nokia Lumina 928 has very good voice quality and the speakers work great as well as you can hear people’s voices nice and crisp.

In regards to the display of the phone it features a AMOLED screen display. This type of screen allows you to have a super-sharp screen image that is clear and you will not be bothered when using your phone in the sunlight, the screen size of the Lumina 928 is 4.5 inches which my opinion is a very size as it is not too big yet not that small either.

The Nokia Lumina 928 also features a xenon flash that just happens to be brighter than some actual standalone cameras, which is a pretty good feature my opinion.

The phone also records at 1080 P HD and features a great noise canceling mic.

The front facing camera is a 1.2 megapixel camera.

You are provided with a pretty good size internal storage of 32 GB.

If your cellular company offers 4G then you are in luck as the Nokia Lumina 928 allows you to use this technology, with 4G your webpages will load superfast.

Now relating to the battery life of the Nokia Lumina 928, battery life is decent I would say comparable to other phones but where the Nokia Lumina 928 sticks out is that it allows you to charge your phone wirelessly.


Now some of the negatives of the Nokia Lumina 928.

It features no external storage. Many see this as a setback. The phone itself does come with 32 GB of storage however many people will be disappointed and would have liked to have more room for external storage. Many people like to have music and videos stored in their phones and well 32 GB may simply not be enough.

The battery itself is also a problem since it is not a removable battery and for heavy users who like to swap batteries will not have that option.

Not enough applications. Obviously Windows 8 is pretty new as compared to android and iOS and developers have had more time to create applications so Windows 8 gets a pass from me but I would have liked to see more apps.

It is lacking an FM radio. Other Nokia phones do have a radio preacher so hopefully we might see it in a future firmware update.

Lacking a stylus.

Currently there is no video output to your HDTV, but again I could be wrong and this feature could be implemented in the near future

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