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The Mars Gaming MH2 set to arrive just in time for Christmas

admin Dec 12

Looking for a new gaming headset ? why not look at Mars Gaming who has announced the availability of its new MH2 headphones, just before the Christmas season. These headphones claim to be compatible with most market Gaming platforms including PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and even smartphones and tablets. Best of all, as is usual with this manufacturer, price: 11.83 euros.
The new Mars Gaming MH2 are designed for Gamers who want quality sound on their PCs or consoles without trying to break the bank. Therefore, we find its speakers feature a 40 mm neodymium to provide crisp, clear sounds and even low sounds are heard nicely. So too are they ergonomically designed with pads and a closed circumaural design, which together with its folding microphone will allow users to use them for hours without causing fatigue.

The Mars Gaming MH2 are geared for Gaming, the MH2 are compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, smartphones and tablets, but surely also are compatible with Xbox One, although there is rumor that the manufacturer can not disclose this as it pays no royalties for such “certification” to Microsoft. In any case this is our assumption, since the manufacturer does not mention it.

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