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The Helghast are back, now for PS Vita

admin Sep 9

For the first time you can now choose the Helghast or ISA. (Photo : Playstation )

The Helghast are back, now for PS Vita
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC
Developer: Cambridge Studio
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Format: Downloadable file / PS Vita cartridge.
Genre: First Person Shooter
Gameplay : 1 player story mode
Ad Hoc Mode: None
Network play: with network play mode
Network Players: 2-8
Rating: M – Mature. The content usually is suitable for people of 17 years or more. It may contain intense violence, bloodshed, sexual content or strong language.

For the first time in franchise history, ‘gamers’ will fight on the side of the Helghast and ISA Specialists in Killzone Mercenary, a new adventure exclusively for PlayStation Vita.

Killzone Mercenary was developed by Guerrilla Cambridge, which created a world full of detail based on a civilization that is crumbling, being infiltrating by Helghast assault troops.

The graphics work done by Guerilla Cambridge looks great on the high-contrast PlayStation Vita touchscreen, while the surround soundtrack complements the hearty bursts of machine guns.

What is stronger than assault rifles and hand grenades ? Money. Amid bitter interplanetary war, there are many customers who need the services of mercenary Arran Danner, who is willing to do anything for money.

It is the year 2357 and Helghast forces have assaulted Vektan scattering destroying their defenses and ISA troops around the globe. The ISA need all the help it can get, and that will not be at a low cost.

Each death, each contract represents money in hand to hand fight with both sides. But when a rescue mission at Vektan south, where the fighting is bloody, Arran Danner is put in a proxy war for the life of an innocent boy, you begin to wonder if some will also be paying a price that is too high, even if a mercenary income increase.

The prospect of this war is unique. Motivation is the desire for money instead of an overall strategy, so you can experience both sides of the conflict: the Helghast war machine cynical and ruthless, and the desperate struggle of the ISA abandoned Vektan cities.

The brutal melee attacks allow open a way for more silently and ruthless attacks in the field by simply pressing the triangle button and slide your finger across the screen.

Throughout the battle, Arran have the help of Blackjack, a shady arms dealer whose secret armories have everything you need… for a price, of course. Whether it’s a sniper rifle to zoom via a rear touch panel, explosions or armor VAN -Guard combat systems as the lethal beam orbit, l Sky Fury, Blackjack has the equipment necessary to trigger a battle of one man.

The hacking minigames, hidden information and special value cards, which reward the accuracy and speed with cash bonuses, represent more than enough reasons to return to the battlefield in this unforgettable Killzone debut franchise on PS Vita.

Each and every one of the Vektan dollars earned in player campaign mode, will be available in multiplayer, which means we may often see Blackjack, even when contracts are finished. Find valuables in the bodies of those killed in these three ways:

Mercenaries War: A brutal vs all in which the goal is to get money before the clock reaches zero. This is an “every man for himself ” game play.

Guerrilla Warfare : After choosing a side, ISA or Helghast, we must join friends to destroy the enemy via team deathmatch. The team with more goals achieved will be the winner.

War Zone : a series of five demanding missions between two teams. Each mission requires its own tactics and teamwork. The scores are added after taking into account all aspects of this epic battle for the winner.

Killzone Mercenary, available exclusively for PlayStation Vita.

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