The has been shut down by the FBI

We received a tip tonight about another FBI take down of a web site, this time around it was Viewers who where watching UFC 148 tonight where greeted by an FBI warning that the site was violating DMCA. We will post more later on as we figure out what happened exactly.

The U.S. appears to continue its controversy fight against piracy. Half the world now knows about the closure of Megaupload the site shut down by the FBI, earlier this year we have also seen several sites with links to freeĀ online broadcasts to sporting events, these sites are now on the sights of the FBI.

Specifically, there was 16 sites of this nature, among the 300 affected, which have had their domains hijacked by the FBI. Most of these 300 sites affected where related to the sale of products and materials found to be fraudulent and forged.

As was noted by many from various web blogs, this operation against piracy is happening to coincide with some of the most followed sports events via Pay Per View TV in the U.S.A, the Super Bowl, Boxing fights, and now UFC which takes place today.

The 16 sites that where linked to that where shut down in February are:,,,,, hq,,,,, ,,,, and

The operation had resulted in an arrest of Yonjo Quiroa, 28 owner of nine of the sites mentioned above.

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