The first smaller low profile DDR4’s manufactured by Micro Century

Although there are many manufacturers of much more powerful RAM and more money invested in research and development, the Japanese manufacturer Century Micro was the first in the world to introduce and bring to the market low profile DDR4 RAM modules, this means, with half the height from conventional DDR4 RAM, meaning smaller.

The particular model is titled “CK4GX4 – D4RE2133VL81” with a reminder of daredevil. What matters is that its height is only 1.87 inches and incorporates 4 GB of RAM for each module. They are currently being sold in packs of 16 GB ( 4 modules ) at a price of 51,980 yen, about 400 euros including VAT or roughly $435.

These low profile DDR4 modules, despite being sold by Century Micro, are manufactured by SK Hynix, and offer a standard JEDEC DDR4-2133 Mhz speed with 15-15-15 latencies and 1.2 V. Surely the biggest manufacturers like Samsung, Kingston, Corsair , Crucial , etc. will not wait much longer to make their own replica and soon launch its DDR4 low profile modules specially designed for 1U rack server types, PCs and small form factor where size always matters.

Certainly Century Micro does not sell in Europe nor the U.S, so we will not see them here, but still pretty cool considering how fast technology is advancing.