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The definitive guide to turn your iPad into a work tool

admin Apr 4

The iPad, for many, has become a tool perfect for entertainment. It fulfills its purpose well and has many applications that will allow us to spend hours in front of the Apple tablet. However, although it does this very well , we can get much more out of doing other things.

For example for work, the iPad can be a good co-worker if we know how to use it. There are applications and accessories of all kinds to help us and that purpose is one of the good things it can do as it is able to adapt to all conditions.

iPad Air or iPad Mini Retina?


If you already have an iPad you can skip the next paragraph but if we are still hesitating to buy one we will help you choose. If you seek a similar format to a laptop, by dimensions, it is best done with an iPad Air. Its size is very comfortable to work and we can see everything in great size using fingers to interact smoothly.

The iPad Mini on the other hand is designed for those looking for more mobility. A tablet that you can carry even in a jacket without problems. You can also write and work comfortable with it but the size difference is subjective. Both are two big elections and the end will depend on how important mobility is for us.

Inside both they offer the same power. If our work depends in you to write a lot, it is possibly that you may feel more comfortable using an iPad Air as it is the closest thing to a laptop. The iPad Mini in contrast provides the experience offered by a mobile phone as writing takes two hands which are better in this scenario.


iPad accessories

Before discussing the applications, it is desirable to do a review of a number of accessories. Do they help you to work? No doubt some of them are really useful. For example, the Smart Covers Case for iPad Air and iPad Mini are a very useful as a starting point.

Why? Very simple: these cases not only protect the screen but also allows us to place the tablet in two positions. On the one hand, they provide a very low angle allowing us to use the screen like a conventional keyboard. Very useful for typing with the virtual keyboard.

Then we have a “raised” angle reminiscent of a photo frame. Perfect for rapid information and have it as a display on the table. If this seems like nothing much, we have cases with integrated Bluetooth keyboards that allow you to write in comfort. Very useful for journalists who do not want to go around carrying a laptop.

Are you involved in photography? Take a look at this adapter to connect SD cards. Very useful because it allows us to not only see the images but also copy them to the internal memory of our iPad. Looking to see the iPad screen on a monitor or a TV ? With this VGA adapter it is possible.



Finally we come to a subject in which there is plenty to talk about and that is the topic of apps for iOS which is very extensive. We have all kinds and for many cases it will be more than enough to do our job. Let’s start with the most basic applications.

To manage mail, the default iOS application is fine but if you use Gmail you may like to use the official client. Documents in the Cloud ? Dropbox is applicable to store all our information we have at hand.

Want an app to take notes quickly? Evernote is perfect as it also allows you to record and share audio on a private cloud. Need to manage documents of all kinds? Documents is a very powerful application to have at hand.

Lover of Office? We have a version of Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iPad. That is, a word processor, an image editor and spreadsheet application to create presentations. Do you work with video editing? Check out iMovie to create movies from your tablet.

For lovers of photo editing there are many applications. From easy to use tools such as Snapseed VSCO Cam or more complex tools like Adobe Photoshop Touch. Here the card reader becomes an essential accessory.

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