The Chinese CPUs are only the beginning: China is making its own GPUs

In recent years Chinese Loongson microprocessors (formerly known as Dragonson and Godson) was built around AMD’s HyperTransport bus (or even be compatible with AMD chipsets), have given much to talk about, impressing even Intel itself, and constantly innovate, creating the first UPU (CPU + GPU unified): the microprocessor IC1 from iCube.

Loongson has even been established to be used in supercomputers even Chinese, but the development of Chinese chips is not centered only on the CPUs and UPUs, from VR-Zone informs us that in China are developing at least 2 different GPU architectures, which will be oriented and 3D graphics processing under OpenGL API, as well as massively parallel computing accelerated GPU (GPGPU) supporting the OpenCL standard API (and perhaps some proprietary API and / native or chip).

There is not yet any details on these developments, but it is clear that GPUs are not consumer-focused (do not support DirectX), but the commercial sector, workstations, servers and supercomputers , that is in direct competition against cGPUs Tesla (Nvidia), FireStream (AMD) and Knights Corner (Intel). No doubt that these Chinese GPUs evolve rapidly and will soon be creating much to talk about as its microprocessors.


Chinese CPUs are just the Beginning … Middle Kingdom to go for GPUs too (VR-Zone)

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