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The Broadwell Intel 9 series chipset will come with SATA Express

admin Apr 4

This news caught my eyes recently. The fourth generation of Intel processors, has not yet started also known as “Haswell” , and its already making news and features of the fifth generation, also called “Broadwell”.

Sometimes it dawns on me the amount of gossip regarding this so called Haswell that continues to be anecdotal as it still looks like is a long term prospect. We have news about Intel “Haswell” just fine. But news regarding the Intel Series 8 chipset motherboards is just starting to come up but it seems people are already talking about the i9 series chipset and H97 boards.

One of the most acclaimed features is that the Intel Broadwell will have backward compatibility and can be used on boards with socket 1150 of Haswell but that would not take advantage, obviously, of all the improvements that this new platform is carrying.

The latest news we have is that this new platform will come with support for SATA Express interface that is simply a bonding layer on a physical SATA PCI-e layer coming to live among them. With this new interface bandwidths can get up to 1GB/sg against the current 0.6 and transfer rates between 10 and 16 GB / sec compared to current 6GB/sg.

Haswell sata connections

Of course it is already confirmed that there will be compatibility issues between the different interfaces.

Source Wccftech


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