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The best gaming video cards at the moment by price range (Nvidia, AMD, December 2014)

admin Dec 12

The world of graphic cards changes a lot from month to month, prices included. To make your search more bearable for a new video card to add to your computer, in this guide we’ll show you the latest video cards according to price and match what you had in mind to buy, but always bearing in mind that what you want is something to play, not just “benchmark”.

Before you decide which video card, you should consider a few things:

  1. For power / price, the range of $180-$250 is the ideal. Above that point, there is little to gain from our hard earned dollars unless you really want to have the
  2. If we want a card last us three years or more (as technology advances), one should opt for some in the range of $250-350.
  3. Since graphics cards fall in price continuously, for many gamers is better to buy one of $180-250 range and change video cards in two to three years. This way we can be sure to always play the leading edge games.
  4. the prices are approximate.

To properly compare video cards on this guide, we have created a power ranking based on 100 points, which takes into account various features of each video card (bandwidth, speed of textures, antialiasing, raw processing power, etc.) , by assigning a number to each section we believe that influences its power in games, in which the best of each item receives a score of 100. it may not be perfect, but its a good stepping tool for choosing the right video card for the right application.

What manufacturers often change in their versions of these video cards are frequency ,reference clock to give a boost in performance or reduce it to sell as the cheapest video card. If it is unlocked for overclocking the price also tends to increase (usually indicated by the name of the card).

Top video cards of 2014
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