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The AMD Radeon R9 300 will supposedly be introduced in June 2015

Specifically, at Computex in Taipei where they intend to show off its new series of graphics cards, the AMD Radeon R9 300, which will fight with the GeForce GTX 900 from NVIDIA.  That is on the market already, so AMD will have to once again go the extra mile to convince customers of its real quality.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900 series already has very good balance of performance and power, but AMD is doing quite well competing with its pricing policy, but lately its market share is declining. So it needs fresh blood, which it looks to do with a new series Radeon. As earlier today was reported by a source in the Far East, which is usually closest to the information on these matters, said at least one new Radeon card was to be introduced later this month. However, its plan was apparently canceled.

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According KitGuru we can expect a wide range of performance cards such as the Radeon R300 at Computex, which will take place at the very beginning of June. So we will have to wait a whole quarter, apparently on the grounds that the sales channels is still much in love with the older Radeon, the current generation. So AMD apparently wants to wait until stocks are exhausted.

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One would have expected that during these declining market shares, AMD will try to get their cards on the market as soon as possible (especially while it is still alive competing with the GeForce GTX 970 ), but it is equally clear that it would have sell these cards quickly. The new cards will be the first to offer a memory type HBM (High Bandwidth Memory), whose benefit is its name. It is a high memory bandwidth, which AMD have introduced in its recent memory. AMD said today the new generation basically already completed, another rumor that is spreading is that the Radeon R300 will be very powerful, especially in high resolutions of 4K and 5K, which will be just right for a hi-end gaming rig.

AMD also said plans to launch into the world of a whole range of Radeon R300, which are really based on existing chips. The company according KitGuru has little to offer in its new models that will in fact only be old cards with the new names. Source: KitGuru




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