Surface Pro 4 to come in two sizes, 12 and 14 inch

As we recently been reporting about the possible release of the iPad Pro (Apple tablet rumoured to come with a 12.9-inch screen), 2015 will be a fertile ground for tablets above 12 inches, with tablets from Apple, Sony and Microsoft.

When it comes Redmond, we expect to hear from the about the Surface Pro 4, a device that has started to be talked about in Phone Arena with some details and speculation about said product. On the one hand, all indications point to two alternative in the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, a 12-inch screen and the other up to 14 inches. Also, good news, both are said to come with 2K resolution, which translates to 2560 x 1140 pixels.

surface 3

The source says that the device, in both versions, will be enhanced thanks to an Intel Core M Broadwel 14nm processor. Moreover, the Surface 4 is expected to include the benefits of a stylus. On this last point, it is wise to remember that Microsoft recently bought N-trig, an Israeli company specializing in the manufacture of these useful accessories to carry a handwritten experience to the digital environment.

With eventual release in the second quarter of this year, these variants will eventually succeed the Surface Pro 3 specially with a screen 12 inches. Meanwhile, the launch of Apple iPad Pro has been delayed due to shortage of screens, as we discussed here.

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